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The following recent project summaries are representative of the type of projects we implement.

Market Research

  • Conducted research to identify potential new product / market segments for a white paper and bleached board producer that would provide additional growth opportunities
  • Conducted research across the printing industry supply chain to identify future technology changes and how these changes will impact the demand for paper
  • Surveyed paper mill customers of a major chemical producer to benchmark customer loyalty and relative strength of the company's customer relationships
  • Researched the dynamics of a specialty paper market segment to determine the feasibility of a possible market entry
  • Researched the preferences and needs of market pulp buyers to identify emerging trends and identify new positioning opportunities
  • Surveyed specialty paper converters to assess the relative performance of paper suppliers and identify positioning opportunities.

Market Assessments

  • Evaluated the dynamics and potential of the graphic linerboard segment and its various sub segments
  • Evaluated the dynamics, attractiveness, and suppliers of over 5 specialty paper markets
  • Identified and assessed alternative product / market segments for a packaging paper producer to determine the most profitable business strategy and possible strategic shifts
  • Performed a detailed competitive and market assessment of over 100 individual product segments within a larger product category to identify the best expansion opportunities
  • Assessed the market dynamics, competitive positioning, and relative cost structures of the different suppliers to a specialty paper market to determine the most viable suppliers and the client's competitive position
  • Assessed the future opportunities and risks in selected premium printing paper markets
  • Identified North American suppliers of market pulp and their relative competitive position
  • Quantified and segmented the US merchant distribution base by product, region, merchant location, and supply base.

Business Optimization

  • Identified potential new markets and strategic buyers for a mill that was shutdown
  • Evaluated a producer's pricing practices and trends relative to key competitors to determine overall price competitiveness and identify areas of opportunity
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of the client's business processes to identify the most significant profit improvement opportunities
  • Evaluated a company's competitive position on key performance dimensions and recommended a new performance measurement system that was based on the key dynamics driving the business
  • Determined the competitive position of the client in terms of key process manufacturing technologies, identified and assessed emerging new technologies, and identified major technology gaps relative to the rest of the market

Transaction Advisory

  • Identified a Joint venture partner in China for a corrugated packaging company and completed a business and financial plan in order to obtain the required financing
  • Assessed the future economic and strategic viability of a shutdown Northeastern U.S. paper mill and proposed changes in the business plan and strategy to improve its long-term viability
  • Assessed the viability, risks, and opportunities associated with a planned Greenfield paper mill in the Caribbean region on behalf of the World bank
  • Evaluated the reasonableness of the business, technical, and financial assumptions of a proposed new Greenfield mill in the United States on behalf of the investment group
  • Evaluated the competitiveness, overall attractiveness, and likely future performance of several mills that were being offered for sale to determine if an offer to purchase should be made and at what price.
  • Evaluated the asset base of a company after a proposed acquisition of a competitor to determine if the acquisition would reduce competition within the category
  • Evaluated the market, financial and technical feasibility of a new particleboard manufacturing facility using waste wood as a raw material source

Supply Chain Management

  • Evaluated the corrugated supply chain for a major packaged goods producer and identified opportunities to improve supply chain efficiencies and reduce the total cost of corrugated materials
  • Evaluated a paper producer's logistics and distribution costs relative to their competitors to identify areas of opportunity
  • Conducted numerous research studies focused on understanding target customer needs and supply opportunities